Expedição Natalícia :)

Acabei de receber este email:


The 7 of us have the mission of crossing the mighty Thorung La (5540m) around Christmas Day! Snow? Glacier?? HELL YEAH!!


Tickets have all been booked. Depart Delhi on 14th Dec, return to campus Sunday 6th Jan. You don't have to worry about anything. Except, death. And getting to Delhi before the 14th. 


One of our flights goes between Annapurna 1 (8000m+) and Dhaulagiri (8100+m)It's supposed to be spectacular flight (one of world's craziest). AND GUESS WHAT! You can open the windows on this airplane and stick your hands out<wtf>. Tourists come all the way to Nepal just to go on this flight... 

Not many of you have been on a hike with me, or with each other, and it's a very different experience, we work like a machine, every part moving perfectly with the rest, so let's do a practice hike soon??! YA YA YA?!


Winter Expedition Dinner! Nepali food, and/or pizzas and burgers :) This Thursday night. Let me know ASAP if there are scheduling problems.. (...)"

Agora, é só o pé destorcer da queda de quarta feira (ando aos saltinhos pelo campus) e fazer planos para a primeira semana das férias, depois, os Himalayas.

Entretanto, as notas sairam. E as candidaturas para universidades são enviadas muito em breve. (no pressure, right?) ("I'm gonna make it through this year, if it kills me.")


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